Sample Thesis

List of Sample Thesis

No Name/NIM Sample of Final Theses  File
1 Amas Hizbullah, 1223040019 Internship Experience Relationship Industry and Entrepreneurship Learning Outcomes with Entrepreneurial Interests Class XII students of Light Vehicle Engineering at SMK Panca Marga Makassar. Download
2 Andirwan, 1523040017
Comparison of Tensile Strength of SMAW Welding Results Using AC Welding Machines with ST42 Steel DC Welding Machines. Thesis, Undergraduate Automotive Engineering Education Study Program, Faculty of Engineering. Download
3 Aswar Ashari, 1223041001 The Relationship Between Knowledge And Attitude With The Practice Of Safety Riding Students Of Automotive Engineering Education FT UNM. Download
4 Feri Setiawan, 1423041005 The effect of adding additives to exhaust emissions on a 4 stroke motorcycle. Essay. Department of Automotive Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering Download
5 Muhammad Fadil Syafiuddin, 1623040006 The Relationship between Learning Outcomes of Adaptive Subjects and Automotive Basic Technology of TBSM Study Program at SMK Negeri 7 Takalar. Download